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Value sail signs are a high quality budget-minded sail flag solution - perfect for indoor and short term outdoor use.
- Three classic shapes
- Value spike for outdoor use or value cross base for indoor/outdoor use
- Carbon composite poles are strong and flexible
- Artwork is dye sublimated on super poly knit fabric for single-sided sail signs and on
block-out polyester for double-sided sail signs
- 90-day warranty on hardware and flag
- Can be stored and transported in our Value sail sign carry case (sold separately)
  Double-sided flags feature a lightweight block-out polyester for increased flyability.
7.5' Blade 10.5' Razor 15' Razor 13' Teardrop 10.5' Blade 6.5' Teardrop
 Suggested Uses
Restaurants Salons Auto Body Shops Sporting Events
 Single- or Double-Sided
Durable Construction
A loop on the flag attaches to an adjustable hook on the pole.
Image printed on one side; reverse image shows through back.
Image printed correct on both sides using a block-out polyester.
Channeled carbon composite overlay construction with low-gloss black paint finish.
Pole pocket is made of the same fabric as the flag.

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